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Leah Clapper: What NIL Means To Me

NIL (Name Image & Likeness) has allowed me to get a head start on my entrepreneurial journey while I’m still a student-athlete.

I’ve met so many amazing people and experimented with new ventures. I’ve learned many skills, from negotiation to how to start a direct-to-consumer e-commerce brand. I’ve enjoyed creating innovative sponsored videos for companies and sharing a message of playfulness in sports.

My favorite NIL opportunity so far has been launching a gymnastics game business.

If it weren’t for NIL, hundreds of gymnasts around the country wouldn’t have been able to enjoy playing the game of Balance Palace!

Moving forward, I’m excited to work together with other athletes and businesses to make the NIL space even better through the launch of NIL Island, a brand-new community for athletes pursuing NIL opportunities!

There have been natural challenges along the way, and I’ve become savvier through each. Overall, NIL has challenged my creativity and boosted my chances of future success. I can’t wait to see what’s next!”

Leah Clapper is a student-athlete at the University of Florida elected to pursue her fifth year as a gymnast for the Gators. She is passionate about athletics, learning new things, and empowering others. Leah enjoys creating content that inspires people to live happier and healthier lives.

After her first NIL venture, creating Balance Palace, Leah Clapper joined Fans Meet Idols. FMI has allowed Leah to connect with fans through video calls, direct messages, and now merch!

Leah is excited to launch NIL Island to help other student-athletes capitalize on their Name, Image, and Likeness like she has. NIL Island is a platform for student-athletes to have a safe place to discuss NIL experiences and struggles.

For Leah’s contribution in the NIL space, she has been announced as a finalist for the Innovator of the Year award at the first ever NIL Awards. Leah will also be speaking on a panel at the NIL Summit on Tuesday.

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If you would like to sign up for Fans Meet Idols and capitalize on your NIL, head to our website website or text 404.999.5149.


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