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Fallan Lanham: What NIL Means To Me

“NIL has given me countless opportunities that have allowed me to get a sense of what life after being a student-athlete is like. It has allowed me to become more confident in my future, since I don’t necessarily have everything mapped out yet. It has given me different platforms to tell my story!”

Fallan Lanham is a student-athlete at Auburn University. She will be a sophomore on the Auburn volleyball team. She had a record-breaking freshman year on the team as a DS/Libero. Fallan enjoys creating content to share with others.

Fallan joined Fans Meet Idols to connect with fans through video calls, direct messages, and merch that is coming soon!

With the rule change in 2021, Fallan is now able to profit off the TikToks she films (each of which get tens of thousands of views). Fallan is also able to create merch through Fans Meet Idols and connect with fans via digital goods. She can’t wait to take advantage of future opportunities available to her through NIL.

Keep up to date with all things Fallan Lanham by checking out her social medias.

If you would like to sign up for Fans Meet Idols and capitalize on your NIL, head to our website or text 404.999.5149.


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